Asia: Human rights – modern slavery and labour issues

Concerns in relation to “modern slavery” are increasingly important for businesses to recognise. This is especially so in Asia, where poor enforcement mechanisms and unfamiliarity with employee rights often result in exploitative working conditions. What can companies do to ensure that their business and supply chains are free from unethical labour practices? Read more

Hong Kong: Which laws apply in cross-border employment?

The Macau Judicial Base Court recently held that Macau law (not Hong Kong law) governed an employment relationship between a Hong Kong citizen and his Hong Kong based employer, notwithstanding that the employment contract clearly stated that Hong Kong law governed the relationship. This case is a useful reminder that it is often not possible … Read more

UK: Government announcements – workers’ rights post Brexit, employee representation on boards, employment of foreign workers, and review of modern employment practices

At the Conservative Party conference, Theresa May announced plans to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which gives direct effect to EU law in the UK, and to transpose all existing EU laws into domestic legislation. She also promised that "existing workers' legal rights will be guaranteed" during her premiership. The conference speeches also built … Read more

UK: Immigration Act introduces new offence from 12 July 2016

The Immigration Act 2016 has also recently been enacted. With effect from 12 July 2016, there will be a new offence of working in the UK illegally and the current criminal offence of knowingly hiring an illegal worker will be extended to apply where an employer employs someone whom they have reasonable cause to believe is an … Read more